The UNISONO external power supply is our premium offering for delivering clean power to MAESTRO or VIVACE. Not only that UNISONO is a linear design (non switching) with discrete voltage regulators, it replaces all power supply components in the actual audio unit. This results in a dramatically reduced noise floor and interference compared to gear powered up by switch mode supplies. Thus, the combination with UNISONO is noticeable better giving more space around instruments and a deeper more defined bass.


High current pre-regulator
UNISONO features high current pre-regulators for each supply rail. Using MOSFET transistors with a >50A rating as pass element, no current limiting is needed as emergency brake. The output current is almost exclusively limited by the instantaneous current capability of the transformer and the storage capacitors itself. Dynamic sound compression often associated with current limited devices is prevented.

Audio grade EMI filter
Getting the most from a high quality audio component requires a clean and uncontaminated power supply. For various reasons, our mains are polluted by high frequency noise, voltage spikes and asymmetry calling for some sort of filtering. If at all, a so called EMI filter is used. These filters are available off the shelf in different implementations. Although well designed for use in industrial applications and home appliances, these filters are inadequate for audio. Not one of these filters exhibits a smooth transition band when lightly loaded.The following figure shows the typical behaviour of a standard filter (red) and our audio grade filter (blue). While having a faster roll off, the standard filter shows a high Q-resonance. The resonance frequency usually is in the critical region from 10kHz to 100kHz where the filter actually amplifies all noise and artefacts by about 20 – 30 dB. Hence, those filter designs do more harm than good.

Negligible stand by power consumption
UNISONO conforms to the EU regulation No. 1275/2008, allowing a power consumption of maximal 0.5W in standby. This gives the user the flexibility to place the UNISONO wherever it is convenient. Except for a hardwired mains switch, no operating controls are present; on/off switching is done remotely by VIVACE or MAESTRO.