Fonolab, was introduced to us early 2022 bij Alexander Remmer from Remton Audio.. His good friend, Jan Snegov also living in Praque, was looking for a distributor for his Fonolab products in the Benelux.

Fonolab FLT-series

I was introduced to his Step-up Trafo’s that he builds with the world famous Tamura trafo’s from Japan. 3 models / series.. I ordered a FLT series  (in Simply Audio Orange) to listen to it. Well it was a no brainer.. Very nice & beautifull build SUT. Now I understand where Tamura got his reputation from. Fonolab also build a very well made Symmetrical Balanced Toroidal Step-Up Transformer called the QVATTVOR.

QVATTVOR Symmetrical Balanced Toroidal Step-Up Transformer

Besides SUT’s Fonolab does a lot more in the analogue domain, like tonearm and turntable rebuilds. They also have a very nice VTA adjuster. To see what fonolab does more you can visit the fonolab website.

Fonolab AMF-104 Tonearm VTA Adjustment Mechanism