Remton audio

Remton Audio is small European high-end audio manufacturer from Czech Republic, that focuses on the creation of different phono stages. “Real vinyl sound!” encompass their moto and determination focus for refining the reproduction of vinyl playback. Simply Audio is the benelux distributor of Remton audio. The company currently offer three tubed phono preamplifiers. The complete analog fleet consist of the top level LCR tube phono stage, the 383 tube phono stage and the 8382 tube phono stage.

The mk2 versions of the LCR & 383 offer transformer coupled MC inputs. The 8382 is MM / MI / High Output MC only. All phono stages can be customized by the factory to allow optimal adjustment for audiophile / special MC cartridges.


A little explanation of LCR: the RIAA circuits in most phono stages use resistor and capacitor networks in the feedback circuit to reverse the RIAA slope used to make vinyl records. But feedback can alter the sound, so not only do you get RIAA correction but coloration too. Another option is to use coils in the filter network next to the capacitors and resistors. The signal passes through the coils instead of a feedback loop. The advantage is that coloration related to feedback is eliminated; the disadvantage is the cost of precision coils.


The high quality components of all Remton phonostages are hand selected and matched. LCR filters are custom made coils from Sowter, Capacitors from SCR and Icel, and NOS high precision, non-magnetic and non-inductive resistors are used. Other resistors are from Vishay and Akane ohm. Default Tubes are JJ E88CC and JJ ECC81. Simply Audio has upgraded tube sets available to enhance the performance of these phono stages any further.

Remton LCR mk2