Era Gold V

Era Gold V MM Phono Preamp

The ‘Miraculous’ Era Gold V – Still Going Strong

The Era Gold V works wonders with moving magnet and high output cartridges.

So much so it had one influential reviewer declaring it to be miraculous!

The Era Gold V takes over the reigns from where our legendary Gram Amp range leaves off in taking your vinyl sound to greater depths and heights.

The Era Gold V phono preamp is available supplied with the PSU1 power supply, and a choice of voltages and power plugs; or in budget form with basic power supply, allowing you to upgrade to the PSU1 at a later date. Also available with mono switch option.

Basic power supply

Era Gold V Basic power supply

PSU1 power supply

Era Gold V PSU1 power supply

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Specification Reviews

The Era Gold V is a “legacy product” superseded by the Reflex M. It was due to be retired along with the Jazz Club archival phono preamp variant. However, public demand for both these phono preamps is still high and we therefore continue to manufacture and support them.

The Era Gold V Sound Took Many By Surprise

At the time when the Era Gold V was launched (2002) it was considered outragous to make a high quality solid-state phono preamp just for high output cartridges (but OK if you did it with tubes…).

But it gave those with less fortunate budgets the chance to hear what people with moving coil were hearing, giving moving coil a run for its money.

It was so good that many dealers hid them away for fear of their moving coil sales (honestly – it’s true); and it wasn’t until Michael Fremer reviewed it in the US Stereophile magazine, and TNT’s Geoff Husband reported on it, that what it does for music became more widely known.

It Didn’t Sound Like A CD Player

At a time when others were trying to win converts to vinyl by making it sound like CD – hoping to sell more phono preamps – the Era Gold V instead pushed the bandwidth much further which led to a more refreshing and inspiring sound.

Giving vinyl ‘room to breathe’ it also did the same great ’trick’ as the Gram Amps, in pushing surface noise back and bringing the music to the fore.

Little wonder then that Michael Fremer declared it miraculous. By the way, he still uses his Era Gold V and it often features in tests.