Omni-1 luidspreker

The Omni-1 is a high end loudspeaker with a hand made, therefore unique, solid cherry wood cabinet. It’s built according to high end furniture standards with a simple, elegant, timeless design. Excellent components are used to create a natural, spacious, full range, immersive sound stage that makes the loudspeaker disappear and let you forget that you are listening to a reproduction

The polypropylene cone with soft rubber edge is driven by a magnet-voice coil combination optimised for long cone excursion and minimal self inductance, resulting in low distortion and great bass

The front and back soft dome tweeters are designed with a similar philosophy resulting in tweeters capable of handling an exceptionally  high cone excursion with minimal distortion and a wide, smooth frequency range

The combination of a crossover tuned to the the specific, spacial sound radiation of each speaker unit together with the rear tweeter creates this open, loose sound stage typical for the OMNI

Bass reflex
The cabinet volume and bass pipe together form a bass reflex system tuned to 35Hz. The oversized port located at the back strongly reduces turbulence, noticeable by the absence of air blowing in and out of the pipe.

Combined with the woofer it provides  impressive, deep, effortless bass also at higher sound levels.

The crossover filter is optimised to create an identical time delay for front tweeter and woofer. The low crossover point ensures that sound is radiated equally in all directions as if the OMNI-1 is a single point source. 

At the top end of the sound spectrum the rear tweeter is tuned such, that the total sound power radiated in all directions is constant  creating a naturally bright, spacious sound. 

Finally, the crossover components are mounted on a special designed, double sided circuit board with ultra thick copper.

Beautifully crafted out solid cherry wood, each panel is precision milled using CNC machines. The loudspeaker filter is located at the bottom in its own cabinet preventing any possible influence by the loudspeakers.

The proprietary, internal wires are milled into the wood and use the same material as the proprietary Litze air coils used in the crossover. Inside the cabinet, special high density damping material contributes to the clean natural sound.

The front around the drivers is covered by a special foamed rubber material to reduce the sound reflection, contributing to the typical open sound.

Each loudspeaker is provided with 4 spikes in total. The bottom allows spikes to be mounted all 4, one at each corner, or 3 pcs with one central at the back, depending on what suits each individual user best.

Solid terminals on a CNC milled aluminum plate complete the cabinet.


    • Dimensions (cm):  98 x 21,4  x 25 
    • Sensitivity: 86dB
    • Frequency range: 30hz-35Khz
    • Impedance: 6 Ohm
    • Weight: 12Kg


    • 150mm polypropylene woofer
    • 26 mm soft dome front tweeter
    • 21mm soft dome rear tweeter

    • Solid cherry wood 
    • Front reflection reduction foam
    • Bassreflex tuned to 35Hz


    • Audio grade polypropylene 1% capacitors
    • Tweeters using solid Silver foil 1% capacitors 
    • Proprietary  Air Core Litze coils
    • Non inductive,1% resistors