Q: Who is Simply Audio?

A: Simply Audio is a manufacturer of high quality audio cables located in the Netherlands. We hand build our cables, to ensure the highest quality possible

Q: The silver connectors on my Simply Audio cables tend to turn black over time. Why is that?

A: The silver used in the Audio Note connectors oxidizes to silver oxide overtime. Silver oxide conducts even better than silver, so there is certanly no negative effect for the sound quality. You can clean the connectors safely with Servisol if you want.

Q: I have heard of a Simply Audio Conductor interconnect but do not see it on your website. Have you guys made this cable?

A: Yes, we have made the “Conductor” interconnect in the past. It has been followed by our current “Cadenza” cables.

Q: What is the maximum length of your speaker cable?

A: We have real life experience with our speaker cable as long as 14 meters a side, without any loss of musicality.

Q: Do both speaker cables need to be the same length?

A: This question often involves answers that the speed of the signal in the cable (near the speed of light) precludes any need to match lengths. What this simplistic answer overlooks, is that if the two speaker cables are not close to each other in resistance and inductance, the damping will be different, and the high frequency roll-off will be different. These kinds of things can affect the stereo image and image depth, as the two channels delicate balance has been disrupted. So yes, speaker cables need to be the same length.

Q: Do audio cables wear out?

A: As long as they are properly terminated in the first place, audio cables, which have no moving parts, will last indefinitely. However cables without proper terminations, to “seal” the conductors from the air to avoid corrosion, will indeed corrode over time. In the case of copper conductors this means going from a good conductor (copper) to a poor conductor (copper oxide), and the performance of the cable will substantially deteriorate. Silver Oxide is a good conductor, so this issue is somewhat less important in the case of silver conductor cables.