Jumpers are intended to replace the (often inferior) metal bridges between the bi-wire speaker terminals of speakers. Often such bridges are of (very) poor quality because they are made of gold plated metal. These are two metals with a much lower conductivity than silver, messing with the music signal in your loudspeaker crossover. Replacing these bridges with a decent quality cable and a good silver connector is therefore an easy and affordable upgrade for all speakers.

Integrated Jumper

Our integrated jumper is a jumper that is part of a Cadenza speaker cable. The Cadenza speaker cable with integrated jumper has 2 connectors at the amplifier side and 4 at the loudspeaker side. Therefore there is no need for separate jumpers. The integrated jumper is soldered throughout and made from the same wire we use in the Cadenza speaker cables.








Separated Jumper

Our normal jumper is sold as a (stereo) set of 4. They have a length of 20 cm. As of 2018 we terminate them with Audio Note Banana or Y spades. You can choose any termination configuration you like. Photo’s below show different (non Audio Note) connectors, but you probably get the idea of how they look like.


SA Silver Y-spade


SA Silver Banana








Set of Jumpers with 2x Banana & 2x Y-spade