Speaking to various people using power-cords from other brands made us realize that most power-cords are to thick and to rigid. They often seems to push light equipment of the shelf or lift it partly into the air. They just do not handle well in practice.

So we made sure our Simply Audio “Clearpower” & “Clearpower Reference” power-cords does not suffer from those disadvantages. Our power-cords are highly flexible and has a smaller diameter than most others which make it far easier to handle. Internally we use silver conductors for all the connections. The cable is shielded by a copper shield agains EMI / RFI (compliant to CISPR25 norm). The connectors have highly plated silver contacts. The outer sleeve is transparent by default.

The difference between the standard Clearpower and the Reference version is that the Reference has:

  • Thicker conductors (all silver of-course)
  • Metal connectors for even better shielding.
  • Equipped with Graham Nalty Vibration Stablizer
  • Equipped with ferrite core inductor inside connector

Clearpower standard


Clearpower standard connectors


Clearpower standard US version